Our Mission

BTPT is curious and dedicated to both education and play; we use research driven methodologies to foster learning, and we promote play as an integral component for acquiring new skills. We equip our patients with the awareness and tools they need for optimal growth!

Company Vision

Our vision at Bear Tracks Pediatric Therapies is to create positive impact in every patient’s day to day life. Our patients flourish and grow in communication and in feeding skills. We want to grow with every child in the United States who crosses our paths. We deliver evidence-based therapeutic resources while guiding our clients through exercises and techniques. We problem solve across boundaries, change directions when needed, and connect with reputable, community resources that aim to serve children.

Our Mission

The VISION of Bear Tracks Pediatric Therapies is to offer expertise, skills, talents, hearts and minds to serve children with the highest quality of therapies available. The PURPOSE of Bear Tracks Pediatric Therapies is to provide infants, children, teens, young adults and their families with high standards of quality, integrity, respect, exceptional value and consistent performance, all within your child’s home, daycare/preschool or private school environment. At every level of interaction with clients and families, Bear Tracks Pediatric Therapies strives for excellence and moving children forward in their everyday and academic lives. Bear Tracks Pediatric Therapies has built a network of adjunct therapists and physicians to refer your child to if your child will benefit from additional evaluations and services. Bear Tracks Pediatric Therapies is COMMITTED to improving children’s well-being by delivering effective and researched-based therapies. Continuing education is a top priority for Bear Tracks Pediatric Therapies.